Studies Confirm This Kind of Exercise Supports Cognitive Health As We Age

While we spend a lot of time focusing on the benefits of resistance training for seniors, that’s not to say that cardio doesn’t have its place. In fact, a study out of Floria Atlantic University has established the positive effects of aerobic fitness on brain function and health in those at risk of Alzheimer’s. That’s […]


Two Tips For Sticking To Your Fitness Plan

Sticking to a consistent routine inevitably becomes difficult. Maybe you get sick or injured. Maybe it’s work or family responsibilities. Maybe you just can’t rally the enthusiasm. Whatever the reason, there are tricks that can help you push through. Today, the certified personal trainers here at Framework Personal Training in Reno are sharing two tips […]


4 Reasons To Add Strength Training To Your 2024 Fitness Plan

Feeling inspired to start or re-commit to fitness in pursuit of greater health this year? It’s a noble goal, and there are a lot of ways to make it happen. But regardless of whether your approach to fitness involves 10,000 steps a day or a few games of pickleball every week, we hope you’ll consider […]


Here’s Why Fitness is So Important Over the Holidays

The holiday season is a magical time of year, but it’s not without serious stress. Balancing work and your usual responsibilities with holiday shopping and socializing can mess with your mental and physical health. Many people are tempted to abandon their commitment to fitness and plan to pick up again in the New Year. But maintaining […]


10 Reasons Seniors Should Gift Themselves a Personal Trainer

It’s the season of giving, but don’t put yourself last. You can’t pour from an empty cup, or so the saying goes, and at Framework Personal Training, we agree. Prioritizing your own mental and physical health isn’t selfish or silly, and we all benefit from consistent, mindful movement, particularly as we age. If you’re making […]


5 Benefits of Regular Exercise for Seniors – And Which Exercises are Best

The health benefits of exercise in older adults have been firmly established, which means experts recommend an active lifestyle at any age. The certified personal trainers at Framework Personal Training in Reno, which specializes in senior fitness share five specific health benefits of regular exercise for seniors, along with the best exercises to try. Health Benefits of […]


A 10-Second Balance Test As a Predictor of Longevity

Think about all the times in your day when you balance on one leg, without thinking much of it: getting in and out of the car, going up and down the stairs, and so on. Interestingly, there seems to be a link between ability to balance and expected longevity. It highlights why improving your balance […]


Strength Training for People Over 50

Ask any personal trainer or doctor about strength training for people over age 50, and their response can likely be summed up in one word: magic. The benefits of strength training are lengthy for everyone, but it’s the over-50 group that may see the biggest benefit. Here’s why strength training for people over 50 is […]


Personal Training for Senior Citizens in Reno

Personal training for seniors means more than simpler exercises. The right personal trainer for senior citizens knows how to properly assess every client, checking for things like joint weakness, injuries, and any limitations. From there, a trainer can design a fitness routine that will strengthen joints and improve mobility. That’s what happens here at Framework Personal Training in Reno, […]


4 Benefits of Strength Training If You’re Over 60

You know that exercise is important, but if you’re over age 60, your routine should absolutely involve strength training at least twice every week. Yes, that’s true even if you walk every day and even if you’ve never lifted weights. The certified personal trainers here at Framework Personal Training in Reno are outlining four benefits […]