Four Tips for Making the Most of Fitness in the Fall

Mother Nature is putting on a spectacular show this year, with the leaves changing slowly and the temperatures taking a gradual dip. You may be excited to dig out the sweaters and scarves, and maybe even enjoy a pumpkin spice latte or two, but have you thought about fitness? Staying on track during the holidays […]


Here’s How Well Seniors Respond to Strength Training

While those enjoying their golden years may not have the energy and stamina of their youth, they still benefit from regular resistance training. In fact, here are seven reasons that show just how well seniors respond to strength training.  Strength Training for Seniors Regular exercise with a certified personal trainer is a safe and highly beneficial activity […]


How Posture Affects Everything – Including Your Workouts

We’ve written before about the many benefits of working with a personal trainer. But not all trainers are equal, and if you’re researching options, it’s worth your time asking about whether a potential trainer offers a postural analysis. That’s because posture affects everything – including your workouts. Here’s what to know about the postural analysis, […]


Four Excellent Benefits of Functional Training for Seniors

Functional training is one of those industry buzzwords, but it’s a philosophy rooted in common sense. This kind of training mimics movements in your day-to-day life, which means you spend time and effort helping your body prepare itself for common physical tasks – everything from rising to a standing position, reaching down to pick something […]


Three Benefits to Training in a Private Gym

Framework Personal Training is a private, by-appointment personal training studio on Lakeside Drive here in Reno. Unlike many of the other fitness facilities in town, it’s not open to general membership but rather designed for those receiving training with our certified personal trainers. This kind of arrangement works well for so many reasons. Here are […]