This Kind of Exercise Could Improve Lifespan

Resistance or strength training has a laundry list of benefits, but two new benefits have recently been confirmed — along with how much time you need to spend exercising for the greatest health impact. New research confirms that strength training can help prevent disease and improve lifespan. Here’s what the research says and the best […]


Functional Training for Seniors in Reno

For seniors looking to improve their health and quality of life, exercise can’t be beat. But functional training in particular could be most effective. This kind of exercise mimics ordinary, every-day actions to build strength, mobility and power. It’s sometimes called fitness for the real world, and it’s well suited to older adults. The goal isn’t building big, developed […]


What’s More Effective – Standing or Floor Abdominal Work?

A strong core is important, no matter your age, but chances are good you do most of your ab work on the floor. For most people, some variation of crunches and planks are the standard ab exercises. When you do them properly, you’ll absolutely engage your abdominal muscles to build a strong core. But a little […]


Senior Fitness Tip – Drink Your Water!

The certified trainers here at Framework Personal Training in Reno specialize in senior fitness. We know that fitness changes after forty, and we’re proud to help adults stay strong, flexible, and independent well into their golden years and beyond. Today, we’re sharing a senior fitness tip that has nothing to do with exercise. It’s about hydration. […]


Three Reasons to Start Lifting Weights Today

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that you need a base level of fitness to begin weight lifting, or that it’s too challenging at your age. Regular strength training builds more than just muscle. It strengthens your bones, improves your balance, helps you enjoy better sleep, and makes you feel better. And those benefits apply […]

Why Are My Muscles Tight?

It’s not uncommon to experience muscle tightness in the day or two following a good workout. But even spending the day flopped on the sofa or at your desk can lead to tight muscles. So what’s going on? Here’s why your muscles are tight. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) The pain and stiffness you feel in […]

Here’s What Differentiates Exercise from Physical Activity

Ever wondered if you hit the minimum daily requirement of activity just going through your daily routine? It’s not likely. For most of us, our regular daily physical activity would quality as light to moderate in intensity.  Defining Exercise and Physical Activity Exercise is generally defined as a form of planned physical activity that’s mindfully […]

3 Kinds of Exercise to Boost the Immune System

A healthy immune system is important all the time, but some people are paying more attention to protecting theirs these days. It makes sense, and it’s easier than you think. Exercise has been proven to boost the immune system, helping it more efficiently target harmful pathogens. As we get older, the importance of exercise only […]

3 Instances When Exercise Form is Really Critical

We’ve written before about the importance of proper exercise technique. And while the best recommendation is to practice proper form every time you train, there are times it’s even more important. Here are three instances when exercise form is really critical. Your Weights are Going Up As soon as you start adding weight to a […]


Five Signs a Personal Trainer is a Good Fit

The world is full of amazing personal trainers, and we have our fair share right here in Reno, Nevada. But the challenge isn’t finding just any old trainer – it’s finding one who will suit your needs. That’s not always easy to determine when you’re reading a trainer bio, which is why it’s so important […]