The Metabolic Advantages of Moderate Exercise

There are a lot of advantages to high-intensity interval training, and moderate, steady-state exercise is often viewed as less effective. But a new study published in Medicine & Science highlights why any movement is beneficial, plus the metabolic advantage of moderate exercise in particular. From the Study Exercise scientists at the University of Guelph in […]

Framework Personal Training - Reno, NV IMG_0768-1-1200x423 Three Benefits of the Private Personal Training Studio

Three Benefits of the Private Personal Training Studio

Making the decision to commit to regular workouts is an important step, but what next? Are you joining a gym? Signing up for group fitness classes? Here in Reno, Nevada, there are virtually endless fitness options. But one may serve you more than the rest. Framework Personal Training is a private personal training studio on […]

Framework Personal Training - Reno, NV framework-personal-training-reno-sore-muscles-e1524595430832-795x423 How Intense Should Workouts Really Be?

How Intense Should Workouts Really Be?

The idea that every workout should be extreme or punishing is pervasive, and aggressive marketing campaigns from fitness companies and gyms are largely to blame. But how intense should workouts really be? That really depends on your personal health and fitness goals. The Science on Workout Intensity At Framework Personal Training in Reno, we specialize […]

Trouble Sleeping? Try Strength Training

Among the many benefits of strength training is its effect on sleep. While there are studies that link better sleep to aerobic exercise like jogging, and walking, researchers in Australia recently looked at the connection between strength training and sleep. What they found confirmed what plenty of anecdotal evidence already tells us. If you have trouble sleeping, […]