The Biggest Benefit of Strength Training for Older Adults

Study after study makes definitive links to strength training and improved health for older adults. Even people who have been sedentary for years can see significant improvements not only in strength, but in other aspects of their overall health and wellness – it really is never too late to start. But the biggest benefit of strength […]


Here’s Why Senior Citizens Benefit from Personal Training

Senior citizens seeking personal trainers is a growing trend across the country and right here in Reno, Nevada. And it’s a great idea! As we age, we decline physically. That loss of balance, strength, endurance, and coordination increases the risk of injury and leads to lowered levels of independence and quality of life. The antidote? Exercise! Here’s […]


6 Benefits of Working with a Personal Trainer

Making the decision to hire a personal trainerfis usually the result of frustration from either lack of progress managing your own fitness, or because you’ve reached a breaking point with your health as it stands. Both are valid reasons to hire a professional. And the truth is, no matter what drives you to the decision […]

Here’s What Not Exercising is Really Doing to Us

We all know that fitness is important. But how bad, really, are our sedentary lifestyles? The journal  JAMA Network published the findings of a recent study that tells us in no uncertain terms – and it isn’t pretty. According to the study, leading a sedentary lifestyle is probably worse for your health than a smoking habit and actually on par with having a serious […]