The Benefit of Indoor Fitness Over Outdoor Exercise

Wildfires have been raging in California this summer, and the smoke from those fires has choked northern Nevada for weeks on end. It highlights a benefit of indoor fitness over outdoor exercise that’s often low on the list—filtered air and temperature regulation. Here’s why that makes a difference. A Regulated Indoor Environment We’re written before […]


Why Exercise Begets Exercise, And Why It Matters As We Age

Research is clear on the benefits of weight training and aging well. Not only does it help us gain muscle mass and strength, improve mobility, sharpen us mentally, and improve metabolic health, it can help shape our minds, too. An interesting study out of Finland found that a big percentage of older adults who have […]


How to Improve Posture as a Senior Citizen (And Why It Matters)

The idea that we “shrink” with age is actually grounded in some truth. As early as age 50, discs and vertebrae in the spine can begin breaking down and thinning, while cartilage and connective tissue start losing elasticity and thickness. It gives the impression that seniors are losing height and many find that standing upright […]


3 Signs You’ll Benefit from a Personal Trainer

Once upon a time, personal trainers offered a service for only the fortunate few. But like many things, the industry has evolved, and today, more people than ever can benefit from the expertise of a certified personal trainer. If you’re wondering whether that includes you, the answer is yes. And if you’re wondering whether you […]


Finding the Right Personal Trainer for Seniors in Reno

Senior citizens are increasingly managing their health with exercise, and in Reno, Framework Personal Training is helping. Our certified personal trainers offer strength training for seniors so they can enjoy the many benefits of consistent activity. Research is clear on the range of physical and mental health benefits of exercise, and for seniors in particular, the […]