Three Reasons the Right Personal Trainer is Worth the Investment

It wasn’t so long ago that personal trainers were something reserved for celebrities and professional athletes. Today, fitness centers and gyms the world over have personal trainers on the payroll, which brings its own can of worms. But when you find the right personal trainer, someone who offers exactly the mix of professional support, guidance and […]


The Tight Hamstring Test

It’s not unusual for the trainers here at Framework Personal Training in Reno to have people ask them about tight hamstrings. Here’s the thing – the anatomy of the hamstring means that a short muscle muscle can be mistaken for a tight muscle. And since muscle shortening is a common byproduct of immobilization or even […]


Simple Tips When You Begin a New Fitness Program

Whether you’re coming back from some time off at the gym or you’re getting started for the first time, you’re making a great choice for your health. Not only will you enjoy positive side effects like more energy, better quality of sleep and an improved mental state, you’ll also grow or maintain muscle mass and […]


The Single Best Reason to Hire a Personal Trainer

Look online for reasons to hire a personal trainer, and you won’t come up short. There are millions of websites and blog posts offering valid reasons for paying a qualified person to help you reach your personal health and fitness goals. But there’s one reason that stands alone, one reason that makes your investment worth […]


It’s Not Too Late to Start Exercising. Try These 5 Tips for Getting Started.

When it comes to the benefits of exercise, it really is never too late to start – and that’s something we’ve known for years. A 2003 study tracked close to 10,000 women, aged at least 66 when the study began, for more than a decade. Those who changed their non-existent exercise routine to include just […]