Framework Personal Training - Reno, NV IMG_0768-1-1200x423 Here's Why Home Fitness Can't Replace Your Personal Trainer

Here’s Why Home Fitness Can’t Replace Your Personal Trainer

There’s nothing like a pandemic to put something like fitness into perspective. Surveys from last year suggested only 30% of people would plan to return to the gym after lockdown restrictions lifted. And while there are benefits to working out at home, the truth is that home fitness can’t replace your personal trainer. Here’s why. Personal […]

Five Innate Characteristics of the Best Personal Trainers

There are tons of lists out there that walk you through the qualities of a good personal trainer. Things like credentials, experience, and training philosophy are all important, but the trainers who really stand out tend to have qualities that don’t necessarily come on paper. Here at Framework Personal Training in Reno, we look for specifics […]

Framework Personal Training - Reno, NV framework-800x423 If You're Looking for a Personal Trainer in Reno, Start Here

If You’re Looking for a Personal Trainer in Reno, Start Here

Making the decision to hire a personal trainer is a big step. But it’s surprisingly tricky to get from point A (deciding you want a trainer) to point B (finding the right trainer for you). Finding someone with the right training philosophy who can move you safely toward your fitness goals without breaking your budget is […]

10 Benefits of Regular Exercise – And Why Any Movement Likely Counts

It’s no secret that exercise has physical and mental health benefits. And while there are various recommendations for how long and how hard we should be training, the truth is that any amount of exercise will likely product benefits — even if it falls well below suggested amounts. Here are 10 benefits of regular exercise, and why any movement […]