This is the Key to Success in Fitness

When it comes to fitness, success is directly linked to consistency. Even a random, poorly-designed fitness program, followed consistently, will yield results. Here’s the problem with sporadic workouts, and why consistency really is the key to success in fitness. Gradual Improvement Feeling motivated to train can get you into the gym or on the trail […]

Study Links Physical Fitness and Better Brain Function

There’s a lot of research that looks at the impact of physical fitness on the mind, and the largest, most detailed study of its kind has just linked bodily fitness with improved cognitive performance. Published recently in Scientific Reports, the study was conducted by scientists from University Hospital Muenster in Germany. And the results are impressive. […]


Core Conditioning Exercises for Lumbar Disc Health

Dr. Lynelle McSweeney is a holistic chiropractor here in Reno, and we’ve recommended her to a few of our clients. We’ve featured some of her content here on the Framework blog, and we’ve been lucky to do the same. In 2017, we wrote a post about core conditioning for lumbar disc health that was featured […]


A Quick Test for Tight Hamstrings

There is much discussion about what constitutes tight hamstrings. What most people don’t understand is that the anatomy of the hamstring means that a short muscle can sometimes be mistaken for one that is “tight.” This muscle fiber shortening can be the result of immobilization or lack of movement, and it’s evidenced in people who have […]