Paul is a personal trainer and owner/founder of Framework with over eighteen years of industry experience. A former nationally ranked amateur alpine snowboard racer now retired in the Reno area.

Paul specializes in:

Snow sports performance, including skiing and snowboarding, both alpine and freestyle
Back Care
General fitness
Adult fitness
Youth fitness
Corporate fitness
Fitness/ Lifestyle Coaching
Corrective exercise
Total wellness

Paul is recognized in the community for writing articles and being interviewed for publications such as the Reno News and Review, Fairways and Greens Golf, and the Thunder Canyon Newsletter. He works with local snow sport athletes by assisting in training and sponsorship. Also, Paul has been a speaker at the Reno Chapter of the Association of Perioperative Nurses, The Nevada Health Forum, and for the patients of the Western Bariatric Institute. Additionally, he served as a News Channel 4 Fitness expert during the Framework Fitness segment, as well as the featured trainer on other sports-related segments.

Paul holds a personal training certification from the American Council on Exercise, and is a C.H.E.K. Level 2 Practitioner. Additionally Paul is a C.H.E.K. Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach, Level 1, Physical Therapy Aide, USPA Coach, and member of IDEA.

Using a combination of formal training and personal experience, Paul assists people increase vitality, decrease stress and improve their body’s function. He enjoys working with all types of clientele, and feels fortunate with every client. Success in fitness is just like success in any endeavor: “Just keep showing up!”

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Jeremy is a personal trainer who started his carrear in April, 2004 at 24Hour Fitness and has been nationally certified through the Coopers Institute as a “Physical fitness specialist” along with completing multiple certifications through the CHEK Institute to become certified as a Level 2 practitioner, and a CHEK holistic lifestyle coach Level 1.

He spent 6.5 years in the US Navy as a Heavy Equipment Operator with a collateral duty of working with sailors and marines alike to be able to perform to the highest standards of the Physical Readiness Requirements. With this education and life experience, Jeremy is certified and competant to work with:

Youth fitness
Adult fitness
Spinal patholigies; ie, Foraminal and Spinal stenosis, Disc injury, etc.
Sacroiliac Joint dysfunction
Orthopedic rehabilitation with regaurds to posture
Abdominal wall conditioning
All sports specific conditioning
Clinical orthopecic asessment
Workplace ergonomic check
Military Entrance Preparedness
Optimal health and fitness through holistic nutritioin and lifestyle coaching
CPR and First Aid certified

Thereʼs no one way to do fitness right, but there are pleanty of ways to to it wrong. Our goal is to keep it safe and effective with your goals in mind. Using soft tissue release, correct stretching techniques, healthy diet, lifestyle and exercise, you to can become the change you wish to see.

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Brie is no stranger to sports and fitness.

She is CHEK Institute certified. She grew up dancing, playing softball, basketball, and volleyball. In High School she was named female athlete of the year. She was a Collegiate walk on to the Nevada Volleyball team. She was also a professional Dancer for the Reno Bighorns professional basketball team. She has run marathons as well as a 50 mile race. She also competed in a Figure competition. Needless to say, she has been successful in everything that sports and fitness has to offer. Now she has been sharing her knowledge and experience with others. She has been training and teaching group fitness for the last 5 years. She enjoys working with all types of clients, but she specializes in weight loss programs and sport conditioning. As a part of the FIT University team, she believes highly in the effectiveness of Functional Interval Training and incorporates it into her specialized training programs. Contact Brie about getting yourself into the shape that you’ve always dreamed of.

Contact Brie

Ph: 775.846.7892

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Sally is a Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor and specializes in fitness, nutrition, corrective exercise, stress reduction, and holistic wellness coaching. Sally holds a Personal Training certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine as well as being Stott certified for Mat and Reformer Pilates.

Sally completed the program for Massage Therapy through the Health Division of UNR, and was licensed in 2001. She received her certification as a Reiki Master & Teacher in 2002. Her background in massage therapy, along with healing energy work, has increased her ability to assist her clientele with their physical challenges, reduce stress and live a more balanced life.

Sally is also a licensed Esthetician, and certified as a Medical Esthetician. She has been practicing in Reno for over 14 years. Since 2004, Sally has completed many courses in natural health, nutrition and holistic lifestyles, through the Clayton College of Natural Health.

Sally enjoys working with a diverse clientele. She specializes in corrective exercise, weight loss, and strength training, with an emphasis in maintaining balance and flexibility. Her goal is to motivate people to be their absolute best, while enjoying the process.

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