Prioritizing Fitness During the Pandemic

The pandemic continues to drag on, with the country taking steps forward and back as we adjust to the new normal. It’s a tempting time to slack on fitness, but that’s a mistake. And we aren’t just saying that! The physical and mental benefits that come with regular exercise have never been more important than […]


How Much Exercise Does a Senior Need to Stay Healthy?

Framework Personal Training, a private gym on Lakeside Drive in Reno, understands the many benefits of fitness, particularly for older adults. In fact, we specialize in senior fitness, which means we create personalized workout programs designed to improve our clients’ health while accommodating for any existing conditions or limitations. A common question relates to frequency – how much […]


The Difference Between Weight-Bearing Exercise and Resistance Training

If you’ve read about weight-bearing exercise, or it’s something your doctor has recommended, you may be wondering what qualifies – and why it’s so important. You may also be wondering if there’s a difference between weight-bearing exercise and resistance training. Here’s what to understand about the difference between weight-bearing exercise and resistance training – and which […]


Should Seniors Really Lift Weights?

Lifting weights may seem like a younger person’s activity, but there are benefits to weight training at any age. In fact, building muscle becomes even more important as we move into later stages of life. But don’t take our word for it – just ask the American College of Sports Medicine, which recommends weight training for people […]