Looking for a Personal Trainer? Remember These Three Things.

Fitness is big business everywhere, and that’s no exception in Reno. There are gyms and chains and studios on every corner – so many that it can be hard to figure out where to begin. If you know that things like staying consistent, staying motivated, or just knowing enough to make progress without getting hurt […]


Everyday Hacks to Stay Motivated for Fitness Over the Holidays

Between the rich food (and so much of it!), the family obligations and all that traveling, it can be tough to factor for fitness over the holidays. Pair that with New Year’s Resolutions, and it’s no wonder that gyms get busy come early January. If staying on track in November and December is hard for you, […]


Two Ways to Make Your Workout Routine Stick

Sticking to a consistent fitness routine can be hard for us all. Sometimes it’s an illness or an injury that gets in our way, or maybe we’re just lacking motivation. Sometimes, it’s a scheduling conflict and there’s just no way to squeeze in that workout. But regardless of why you aren’t consistently training, there are […]


Here’s Why Exercise Technique Is So Important

The importance of exercise technique is a much-discussed topic, especially within the context of fitness, form and function, but the truth is actually quite simple. It all boils down to the mechanics – that’s why exercise technique is so important. The Mechanics of Exercise Technique It’s a simple equation – the farther a body moves away […]