This Simple Change can Make a Huge Difference to Your Physical Health

Today’s post was written just for Framework Personal Training by Reno chiropractor Dr. Lynelle McSweeney. Learn more about the value of chiropractic care – and how it can benefit your efforts in the gym – on her website. How would you like to quickly improve your strength, performance, reduce risk of injury and optimize health? […]


So you Hired a Personal Trainer. What Now?

You did it! You decided to hire a personal trainer. Smart move. A personal trainer is the best way to roll accountability and measurable results into an effective, efficient system for success. But… what now? Keep in mind that different personal trainers will handle the first session with a new client in different ways. That’s […]


Strength Training During Pregnancy? You Bet.

There was a time when mothers-to-be were told physical exertion was a bad thing. Today, we know that strength training during pregnancy can have wonderful benefits for both mom and baby. Of course, any fitness regimen needs to be cleared with your OB first. But in general, healthy women with low-risk pregnancies will find these […]


Six Benefits of Strength Training for Seniors – It’s Never Too Late to Start!

We’ve written about benefits of strength training for seniors before, but don’t take our word for it. The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) believes that strength training is the most important thing older adults can do, no matter how fit or unfit they are, and that it should take priority over aerobic activity. Want […]