The Science of Workout Intensity

Not every workout needs to be extreme or punishing, despite marketing campaigns from fitness philosophies suggesting otherwise. Actually, your workout intensity is completely dependent on your personal health and fitness goals. Here’s what to understand about the science of workout intensity. First, Identify Your Goals Just like goals in life, goals in the gym are […]


Here’s How You Know a Personal Trainer is a Good Idea

Whether you’re currently working out or would like to get started, you might have considered a personal trainer. And if you haven’t already found one, it’s probably because you’re wondering whether it’s really worth the investment. Here’s how you know a personal trainer, like the professionals at Framework Personal Training in Reno, is a good idea. You Don’t […]


The Benefit of Twice-Weekly Resistance Training for Older Adults

We already know that regular resistance training can help maintain and increase muscle strength and function for aging adults. But a study out of Finland has found that the recommend twice-weekly strength training plan has another benefit. From the Study The nine-month study was designed as an intervention on three tenets of exercise – motivation, planning […]


Research Shows Why Personal Trainers are Worth the Investment

At one point or another, many people wonder whether investing in a personal trainer is worth the money. While most personal trainers, including those here at Framework Personal Training in Reno, can share from experience the difference they’ve made in the lives of their clients, the research may be more compelling. Here’s why research shows […]