Two Tips For Sticking To Your Fitness Plan

Sticking to a consistent routine inevitably becomes difficult. Maybe you get sick or injured. Maybe it’s work or family responsibilities. Maybe you just can’t rally the enthusiasm. Whatever the reason, there are tricks that can help you push through. Today, the certified personal trainers here at Framework Personal Training in Reno are sharing two tips for sticking to your fitness plan.

Treat Your Workouts Like A Serious Responsibility

If you have a hard time applying yourself to your workouts in the same way you do your job, you aren’t alone. One is a requirement, after all. But prioritizing fitness is just as important—this is your health we’re talking about. Imagine if you treated your job the way you do your workouts, showing up on Monday motivated and focused, then skipping a few days, then phoning it in on Friday. You would be fired, and for good reason! But no matter how unmotivated you feel, chances are good you’re still regularly showing up to work and doing your best.

Your workouts deserve the same treatment, because success in fitness is achieved the same way it is at work. Consistency matters, and by giving your workouts the same priority you do your job, you’re far more likely to see progress. Try scheduling your workouts into your phone or calendar just like you do other important appointments. If you know that’s not enough to get you to the gym, consider partnering with a personal trainer. Not only will you benefit from the specialized attention and expertise of an experienced trainer who can guide you toward your fitness goals, the financial and accountability factors may be the kick in the pants you need to show up.

Turn Motivation Into Habit

Waxing and waning motivation is one of the most common ways we stumble over reaching our health and fitness goals. As an emotion, motivation isn’t stable. Some days we feel it, and some days we don’t. But while motivation comes and goes, establishing habits is how you make your fitness routine stick. Here’s what to understand about habits, which have three parts:

  • The cue, which sets your habit in motion.
  • The routine, which are the steps you take after the cue.
  • The reward, which is the reason for your habit.

When you know what goes into creating a habit, you can take steps to create them. That includes a fitness habit. Building good habits about health and fitness, like building workouts into your schedule three times a week during lunch or first thing in the morning, makes consistency that much easier.

It’s normal to have questions about fitness, and most people find they benefit from working with a personal trainer, especially in the beginning. If you’re considering working with a trainer, we’re excited to answer your questions. Contact the team at Framework Personal Training today, and let’s get started.

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