Here’s How to Treat Sore Muscles After Strength Training

If you’ve ever stood at the bottom of a flight of stairs after leg day and groaned out loud, you know what it’s like to have sore muscles. For many, feeling sore the next day is proof of a good workout. Still, people may wonder how to treat soreness after training, and when it’s okay to […]


Four Tips for Starting a Fitness Program You Won’t Quit

Everyone knows that some kind of fitness plan is important for your health. The challenge comes in finding something you enjoy and then developing the determination and discipline to turn it into a habit. But if you’re starting at square one, what’s your first move? Here’s how to begin a new fitness program that you won’t […]


Don’t Make these Four Common Strength Training Mistakes

One of the reasons folks new to the gym benefit from the assistance of a certified personal trainer is starting things off on the right foot. While it’s probably true that any program in the gym will have some noticeable benefit if it means it gets you off the couch, you’re much better off if […]


7 Tips for Making the Most Out of Your Personal Training Sessions

Personal training is an investment of both your time and money, and you should absolutely be getting something out of that. Here’s the catch. While your trainer is there to guide you towards those goals and help keep you safe, a lot of your success will depend on you. Here are seven tips for making […]