Testing for Tight Hamstrings

It’s a common misconception that tight hamstrings are the reason some people can’t touch their toes. But the anatomy of the hamstring is such that in some cases, a short muscle can sometimes be mistaken for one that is tight. There are a few reasons for shortening of the muscle fibers, including lack of movement (too […]


Are Standing Ab Exercises More Effective?

We wrote previously about standing for abdominal work, and after reading contrary opinions online about the efficacy of standing ab exercises, we’re re-visiting this topic. The true benefit of standing ab exercises is in their emphasis on movement – not muscle. Here’s why. Standing Ab Exercises vs Seated Activating your core with crunches and planks puts […]


The Real Impact of Bad Exercise Technique

It’s easy enough to rationalize the importance of correct form when you’re pushing or pulling heavy weights in the gym. Obviously, you don’t want to hurt yourself. But you may be surprised to learn the real impact of bad exercise technique, which isn’t just a greater risk of injury. Understanding the Mechanics A body is in […]


Here’s the Big Benefit of Hiring a Personal Trainer

From instant motivation to reducing your risk of injury, there are lots of valid reasons to hire a personal trainer. One of the most common selling posts for working with a trainer is the accountability factor. But you can find accountability and motivation in a good group fitness class or even with a friend who shares […]