Ask Andrew: How Long should a Workout Last?

Any discussion of the “right” amount of time for a training session has to prefaced by saying that there really is no definitive answer. If you’re training for a marathon, or an obstacle/endurance race, or a CrossFit competition, or just to be strong and healthy, your needs are going to drive your training frequency and […]


What’s More Important – Nutrition or Exercise?

For years, the fitness industry has perpetuated the myth that exercise is the key to getting into “the best shape of your life!!!” It’s evident in every gym commercial or infomercial for thigh and butt blasters or celebrity fitness video series. Unfortunately, the idea that we just need to sweat more to stay fit is […]


Ask Andrew: How Can I Commit to my Fitness Goals?

One of the biggest challenges for many people is committing to a lifestyle of consistent exercise and nutrition for any significant length of time. We tend to begin with enthusiasm, but life inevitably gets in the way – we get sick and miss a few workouts, there are office celebrations with cake that you just […]


Technique Spotlight: The Perfect Push-Up

When you do it properly, a push-up is an effective upper body and core strength builder. But what if we told you that you’ve probably been doing them wrong for years? There are nine steps to the perfect push-up (yes, nine!), and Andrew is here today to detail each one so you can get the most […]