Here’s What Differentiates Exercise from Physical Activity

Ever wondered if you hit the minimum daily requirement of activity just going through your daily routine? It’s not likely. For most of us, our regular daily physical activity would quality as light to moderate in intensity.  Defining Exercise and Physical Activity Exercise is generally defined as a form of planned physical activity that’s mindfully […]

Framework Training Welcomes Zach Tavcar

We have a new trainer! Framework Personal Training here in Reno is proud to welcome Zach Tavcar, an ACSM certified exercise physiologist, CrossFit trainer, and TRX Suspension trainer. Here’s a little overview of Zach and his fitness philosophy. Background and Credentials A teenage leukemia diagnosis gave Zach a unique perspective on life and the value of a […]


Ask Andrew: What are the 3 Biggest Benefits to Hiring a Personal Trainer?

Andrew Mlakar has been with Framework Personal Training here in Reno for a long time now, and when he’s not training clients and competing in Spartan races, he’s happy to answer your burning fitness questions. First up – what are the three biggest benefits to hiring a personal trainer? Andrew, take it away! Ask Andrew: […]


Ask a Framework Personal Trainer Your Burning Fitness Questions

Burning questions about fitness? Hey, it happens. Luckily, the trainers at Framework Personal Training in Reno are here to help. Today, Morgan Vitti is answering a few questions sent in by our readers. Let’s get to it! Q. I work out a lot, but I’m not getting stronger or seeing results. How could a personal […]


When Nutrition is the Hardest Part

We’ve written before about the importance of nutrition when it comes to not only being healthy, but a critical element of successful weight loss. But it’s not unusual for a personal training client to commit to fitness, to work exceptionally hard in the gym, to show up two, three, four times every week, and then […]


Morgan’s Top Tips for Improving Your Health and Fitness

The newest personal trainer at Framework Personal Training in Reno, Morgan Vitti, is currently accepting clients. Learn more about the benefits of a personal trainer, and read on for Morgan’s top tips for improving your health and fitness. “Improving your health and fitness can be daunting,” says Morgan, “but it’s not impossible.” She’s right. Here’s […]

Meet Morgan, a New Trainer at Framework Personal Training in Reno

She’s a power lifter, nutrition major and self-proclaimed people-helper. Add it all up, and you have the makings for a really great personal trainer. This is Morgan Vitti, the newest personal trainer at Framework Personal Training in Reno.

The Very Best Squat Variations

We’re building off our two-part topic from last week – why it’s always a bad idea to consistently skip leg day, and why squats are your body’s best friend – with squat variations from Andrew. Read it. Learn it. Live it. The Back Squat Considered by many to be the king of all squats, the […]

Seven Reasons Never To Skip Leg Day

Andrew is back today with an Ask Andrew post that everyone needs to read. One of the great mysteries of fitness is why some people routinely skip legs. Whatever the reason, it’s a mistake. Here are seven reasons never to skip leg day – and why squats are your body’s best friend. 1. Enhanced Core […]


Ask Andrew: How Long should a Workout Last?

Any discussion of the “right” amount of time for a training session has to prefaced by saying that there really is no definitive answer. If you’re training for a marathon, or an obstacle/endurance race, or a CrossFit competition, or just to be strong and healthy, your needs are going to drive your training frequency and […]