The Benefit of Sticking to Your Fitness Plan Over the Holidays – Even During a Pandemic

The global pandemic is still turning the world upside down, even right here in Reno, Nevada. And with the added uncertainty and stress of the upcoming holiday season, it might be tempting to abandon your commitment to fitness. We understand the motivation, but maintaining your health is more important than ever. Here’s the benefit of consistent […]

3 Instances When Exercise Form is Really Critical

We’ve written before about the importance of proper exercise technique. And while the best recommendation is to practice proper form every time you train, there are times it’s even more important. Here are three instances when exercise form is really critical. Your Weights are Going Up As soon as you start adding weight to a […]


Five Signs a Personal Trainer is a Good Fit

The world is full of amazing personal trainers, and we have our fair share right here in Reno, Nevada. But the challenge isn’t finding just any old trainer – it’s finding one who will suit your needs. That’s not always easy to determine when you’re reading a trainer bio, which is why it’s so important […]

Framework Training Welcomes Zach Tavcar

We have a new trainer! Framework Personal Training here in Reno is proud to welcome Zach Tavcar, an ACSM certified exercise physiologist, CrossFit trainer, and TRX Suspension trainer. Here’s a little overview of Zach and his fitness philosophy. Background and Credentials A teenage leukemia diagnosis gave Zach a unique perspective on life and the value of a […]