Ask Andrew: Is Breakfast Really the Most Important Meal?

We’re putting our newest trainer, Andrew Mlakar, on the line to answer your burning fitness and wellness questions. Shout yours out in the comments section, and we’ll write a post answering it! Q: “I’ve heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Is that the case? And if so, why does it […]


Meet Andrew Mlakar

With gyms and studios on every other corner, there is no shortage of personal trainers in this town. So what sets one apart from the next? The answer likely varies depending on who you ask – maybe he prefers a more relaxed approach, and she likes the drill sergeant routine – but there should be […]


The Benefits of a Postural Analysis – And Where to Get One

Before you began your last workout program at the gym you’ve been a member of for years, did you run through a quick postural analysis to figure out how your muscles and joints work together, identify imbalances, and use that information to choose the most effective and appropriate exercises and stretches for you and your […]