3 Ways Exercise Helps You Age Well (And Where to Get Started in Reno)

We already know that exercise can help prevent or manage chronic conditions. But the benefits of exercise go so much further. In fact, regular exercise is one of the best ways to slow down the physical process of aging. Here are three ways exercise helps you age well, plus the best way to get started […]


3 Benefits of Hiring a Personal Trainer for Seniors

Regular exercise for older adults in particular is an important way to support health and mobility, giving them the energy and capability to keep up with the grandkids at the park, garden, golf, or enjoy the rigors of travel. But instead of going at it alone, it’s always wise to consult an expert. Here, the […]


Reno’s Best Personal Trainers for Seniors

Experts recommend that senior over the age of 50 lift weights for all the benefits it imparts. But if you’re new to this kind of fitness as an older adult, you may be wondering where to start. And with St. Mary’s Fitness Center closing, many active seniors may be wondering where to go. Reno’s best personal trainers […]


Here’s Why Good Posture Becomes More Important With Age

The idea that we “shrink” as we age actually has some truth behind it. Around the half-century mark, spinal discs and vertebrae can begin breaking down and thinning. Meanwhile, cartilage and connective tissue begin losing elasticity and thickness. The combination gives the impression of lost inches, as many seniors begin finding it harder to stand fully upright. […]


5 Tips for Getting Back to Fitness After the Holidays

Fitness resolutions notwithstanding, it can be really hard to get back into the swing of your workout routine after the holidays. With any luck, you enjoyed some much-needed down time. And you wouldn’t be alone — research finds December is the quietest time of year at the gym. But it’s officially January now, which is why the […]


The 4 Types of Fitness Seniors Need

It’s pretty typical for people to focus entirely on a single form of fitness, like 10,000 steps a day. But there are actually four types of exercise, and it’s important to prioritize all of them for the most balanced approach to fitness. Not only do they offer their own unique benefits, they also improve your ability […]


Grip Strength is a Key Health Indicator — Here’s Why

One of the best ways to assess your muscle strength, overall fitness, and general longevity is easier than you’d think. It’s not how much you can weight you can bench or squat. Turns out, grip strength is a key health indicator. Here’s why. Grip Strength as a Health Indicator The stronger your grip, the stronger your muscles. […]


The Benefits of Indoor Exercise in Reno

Smoke from California wildfires is pouring into our Reno valley, and it feels like August 2021 all over again. It’s a reminder that indoor exercise can be a better option that fitness outdoors sometimes, especially when you consider benefits like filtered air and a regulated temperature. In Reno, Framework Personal Training offers a great way to enjoy […]


Why Seniors Should Lift Weights — And Where to Start in Reno

If you’ve never lifted weights before, the idea of getting started in your golden years may seem laughable. Your hips are bad, you don’t know where to begin, what about your back? Those are all valid concerns, and yet the American College of Sports Medicine recommends weight lifting for seniors over the age of 50, noting that […]


Balance as an Indication of Overall Health

Can you balance on one leg for 10 seconds? It might be important. A new study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine is highlighting balance as an indication of overall health, and you might be surprised at the findings. Read on for specifics, plus tips from the certified personal trainers at Framework Personal Training […]