Reno’s Best Personal Trainers for Seniors

Experts recommend that senior over the age of 50 lift weights for all the benefits it imparts. But if you’re new to this kind of fitness as an older adult, you may be wondering where to start. And with St. Mary’s Fitness Center closing, many active seniors may be wondering where to go. Reno’s best personal trainers for seniors can be found right here, at Framework Personal Training.

The Framework Personal Training Difference

For over twenty years, Paul Fisher has been offering the same effective approach to fitness right here at Framework, a private, by-appointment fitness studio. Today, Paul’s gym is home to a small group of highly qualified certified personal trainers, all of whom work directly with their clients in the most competent and effective way possible. Many of these clients are active seniors looking to benefit from resistance training. Some are clients who understand that fitness after forty is a little different than it is in someone’s twenties. And some are navigating orthopedic issues but want to stay active and fit. In every instance, our trainers have the training and experience to help.

For seniors who are interested in beginning a weights program, the biggest challenges are often logistical or mental. How should they begin? Where should they go? What exercises can they do, and how should they be performed? That’s where an experienced personal trainer is so helpful. We have a lengthy list of senior clients who are enjoying the many benefits of training, and it’s never too late to get startedContact us today to learn how the experts at Framework in Reno can create a personal training plan that will help you stay strong and independent in your golden years.

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