3 Benefits of Hiring a Personal Trainer for Seniors

Regular exercise for older adults in particular is an important way to support health and mobility, giving them the energy and capability to keep up with the grandkids at the park, garden, golf, or enjoy the rigors of travel. But instead of going at it alone, it’s always wise to consult an expert. Here, the experts at Framework Personal Training in Reno share three benefits of hiring a personal trainer for seniors.

Why Choose a Personal Trainer?

No matter where you live, it’s not typically difficult to find an inexpensive gym or fitness center with all of the latest weights, cardio equipment, and even group classes. So what’s the benefit of a personal trainer if you have all of that at your disposal?

  • It’s safer to work with a certified trainer. If you’re new to the gym, or back at it after a long hiatus, you may find the equipment a little intimidating. Maybe you aren’t sure how to properly execute a movement, or you’re not sure how to use a particular machine. A personal trainer eliminates any confusion. Their job is to ensure you’re performing each exercise correctly, maximizing the benefit and minimizing the risk of injury. Seniors with special considerations, like range of motion limitations, balance problems, weakness, or old injuries, will also benefit from a certified trainer’s ability to offer modifications.
  • You’ll benefit from an age-appropriate approach. Working with a personal trainer means working toward a predetermined goal. But for seniors especially, it’s important to factor for challenges that may not be an issue for someone 50 years younger. The best personal trainers work with your limitations, not against them. That means they’ll create a truly personalized exercise plan that accommodates for your needs while effectively moving you toward your unique goals. For seniors, that often includes increasing core strength, coordination, mobility, balance, and flexibility. Functional training in particular is a great form of exercise for seniors.
  • You’ll enjoy personalized attention for more effective training. With a personal trainer, you benefit from someone focused entirely on your efforts. That means better technique, faster progress, and importantly, an ever-evolving fitness plan that keeps you challenged and engaged. With personal trainer for seniors, the workouts are tailored to your needs exactly. Plus, regular sessions with your trainer meets you’re more likely to stay committed.

Do Seniors Need Exercise?

Definitely! By working with a personal trainer, seniors can help lower their risk of disease by boosting the immune system, supporting their cardiovascular health, and keeping their mental health strong, with reduced risks of depressive and loss of cognitive function. They’ll also improve mobility, balance, and flexibility, all of which make it possible to enjoy continued independence even in their latter years.

In Reno, the certified personal trainers at Framework Personal Training specialize in senior fitness. If you’re ready to learn more, contact us today.

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