Ask Andrew: Is Breakfast Really the Most Important Meal?

We’re putting our newest trainer, Andrew Mlakar, on the line to answer your burning fitness and wellness questions. Shout yours out in the comments section, and we’ll write a post answering it! Q: “I’ve heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Is that the case? And if so, why does it […]


Meet Andrew Mlakar

With gyms and studios on every other corner, there is no shortage of personal trainers in this town. So what sets one apart from the next? The answer likely varies depending on who you ask – maybe he prefers a more relaxed approach, and she likes the drill sergeant routine – but there should be […]


The Benefits of a Postural Analysis – And Where to Get One

Before you began your last workout program at the gym you’ve been a member of for years, did you run through a quick postural analysis to figure out how your muscles and joints work together, identify imbalances, and use that information to choose the most effective and appropriate exercises and stretches for you and your […]


The Trouble with Outside Boot Camp Workouts

The craze of outdoor fitness classes – commonly called boot camps – has survived long enough now to not be considered just another passing trend. It’s a good thing, actually. It’s an opportunity for people to get some fresh air, surprise themselves with their own abilities, enjoy a little friendly competition and be held accountable […]


Two Ways to Make Your Fitness Routine Stick

For many people with fitness goals, sticking to a consistent routine gets difficult. Sometimes it’s an illness or an injury that sets you back, or maybe you just get off track because you can’t be bothered this week. There are two ways to combat this, and they both involve changing your perspective.


Fitness Questions: How Can I Test for Tight Hamstrings?

I often hear from folks asking about tight hamstrings. But the anatomy of the hamstring means that a short muscle can sometimes be mistaken for a “tight” muscle. Shortening of the muscle fibers can be caused by lack of movement or immobilization – this can be seen in people who have made a point to […]


Stand Up for Abdominal Work

If you’re like most people, you perform most of your abdominal work lying on the floor or a bench or an exercise ball. But there might be a more functional way to build a strong core.


How Important is Exercise Technique?

For as much discussion and debate as the topic of exercise technique gets – and how important it is in the big scheme of fitness, form and function – the answer is surprisingly simple. Let’s look at the mechanics.

Tough Mudder

Post by Framework Personal Training.   Framework Personal Training with Jeremy Steingrebe and Sarah Anne Coulter at Northstar Tough Mudder 2013