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The Benefits of Indoor Exercise in Reno

Smoke from California wildfires is pouring into our Reno valley, and it feels like August 2021 all over again. It’s a reminder that indoor exercise can be a better option that fitness outdoors sometimes, especially when you consider benefits like filtered air and a regulated temperature. In Reno, Framework Personal Training offers a great way to enjoy all the perks of indoor fitness, and seniors in particular can really benefit.

Training Indoors

We’re written about the benefits of outdoor exercise, especially for seniors who enjoy walking every day. One of the big perks is all that fresh air, something noticeably absent at the moment. In fact, with air quality as bad as 600 on the AQI this week, it’s downright hazardous to be spending time outdoors. Training indoors, on the other hand, means no one has to skip a workout. In the private studio here at Framework Personal Training in Reno, our members enjoy:

  • Consistency. When you’re at the mercy of bad weather or a hazardous AQI, workouts are often skipped. And they should be! But in an indoor setting, an accommodating temperature and filtered air mean you can focus on your workout.
  • Variety. If your workout is walking, your body will benefit from a chance of pace. Increased weight and different exercises challenge our bodies in new ways, and that means growth.
  • Accountability. Is your outdoor workout entirely self-motivated? Find yourself skipping them more often than not? You’ll benefit from the accountability of someone like a personal trainer. From expecting you to show up to safely challenging you in new and interesting ways, a good personal trainer can help you maximize your fitness sessions for better health.

The smoke this week is an unpleasant reminder of last year, but if could be the motivation you need to get in the gym. Learn more about how personal training at Framework in Reno might benefit you. Contact us today.

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