The Benefits of a Postural Analysis – And Where to Get One

Framework Personal Training - Reno, NV Paul The Benefits of a Postural Analysis – And Where to Get One  Before you began your last workout program at the gym you’ve been a member of for years, did you run through a quick postural analysis to figure out how your muscles and joints work together, identify imbalances, and use that information to choose the most effective and appropriate exercises and stretches for you and your health and fitness goals?

Probably not.

But that’s exactly what a postural analysis does. Since your body functions best when it’s in alignment – by moving evenly and distributing your weight properly, allowing your muscles, joins and spine to work together without pain – it’s important to check for any imbalances before you start training.

Far too many people hit the gym on their own or take group classes in which they perform advanced exercises with terrible technique. Unfortunately, the body remembers form – good and bad – and performing reps with the same bad form will have a lasting impact, leading to posture problems, persistent pain and possible injuries

A postural analysis is one of the many benefits of working with an experienced trainer, and it’s something we offer every client here at Framework.

The analysis is performed by measuring curves for the thoracic and lumbar spine. Measurements in the normal range for both are 30 to 35 degrees. We also measure pelvic tilt. For women, this should be 7 to 10 degrees, and for men, it should be between 4 and 7 degrees. Length and tension measurements are also needed for musculature as it relates to structure. All tests are performed here, and with the results, we’re able to develop a customized training program with appropriate exercises and stretches.

Ultimately, the benefit of a postural analysis is information. Having specific information about muscle groups that are tight, inhibited or weak is the first step to identifying a plan to remedy things, moving you closer to your personal fitness goals.

Ask us about a postural analysis today.

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