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Meet Andrew Mlakar

With gyms and studios on every other corner, there is no shortage of personal trainers in this town. So what sets one apart from the next? The answer likely varies depending on who you ask – maybe he prefers a more relaxed approach, and she likes the drill sergeant routine – but there should be a few constants. A good personal trainer may have the experience and knowledge base, but a really great personal trainer has a lot more than that. We’ve found one of the great ones, and now we have the pleasure of introducing him as our newest Framework trainer.

Meet Andrew Mlakar.

With degrees in health ecology and nursing and a sports-oriented background, Andrew not only looks the part, he’s got the education to back it up. “Everyone is different,” he says, “And I think the most important first step with anyone is to listen. When I meet a client for the first time, I want to hear about their goals and concerns and lifestyle. I want to know what they think is the ‘hard part’ – eating a balanced diet, getting up early, squats, whatever. The more I know, the better prepared I am to find the right solution.”

Connecting with people and working with toward a common goal – functional training for someone coming back after an injury, weight loss after a pregnancy, and sports-related skills, for example – is part of what drew Andrew to the industry. “It’s really satisfying to help someone work toward a goal, and then watch them achieve it,” he says. “I like taking the guesswork out of something that can be really difficult. Lots of the people I’ve trained have struggled to reach specific goals on their own, and it’s really amazing when I can help them with that missing piece.”

That connection is something that Andrew finds with all of his clients, regardless of age or gender. “I’ve had a lot of female clients finding their way back to fitness after having a baby, I do functional training with my older clientele, and I’ve worked with high school athletes on super specific skills,” he says. “It’s a wide group, but my approach and overall goal is always the same. I want to change lives, and to make that happen, I have to listen and learn.”

As a society, our approach to fitness puts the emphasis on agony. We celebrate the “no pain, no gain” mentality, without necessarily stopping to consider why. “Fitness can and should be a part of every lifestyle,” Andrew says, “and I enjoy figuring out how to make it work for my clients. There’s a plan for everyone. Part of the fun is finding it.”

Considering the benefits of a personal trainer? Consultations are always free. See if you connect with Andrew, and what he can recommend for a plan that will help you meet your goals. Contact him today.

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