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Here’s What Happens at Your First Personal Training Session

If you’ve signed up with a personal trainer, good for you! Now, you may be wondering what to expect at your first personal training session. While it will vary, depending on the trainer and the circumstances, it’s likely that your first meeting will involve a discussion of your health history and your goals, with all of your questions being answered. If you’ve chosen Framework Personal Training in Reno, here’s what happens at your first personal training session.

Laying the Groundwork

Once you’ve decided that a personal trainer is the best way to get the results you want as safely and quickly as possible, your first meeting with your new trainer will probably involve some paperwork. At Framework, we ask clients to complete a health history form, which gives us a necessary and complete understanding of your health history. This is also a great time for you to ask us questions. No matter where you’re training, you should make every effort to know the following about a potential personal trainer:

  • When and where did you receive certification? What made you want to become a personal trainer?
  • What’s your philosophy about fitness?
  • Are your clients usually long-term or short-term?
  • Can you share references?

Questions that are specific to your personal health or old injuries are also important. Ask a trainer how he or she will work around your bad knee, for example, or a back that’s prone to going out. This is a good time for you to share any past injuries or surgeries.

At Framework, we’ll also discuss session pricing and frequency. If things sound good, we’ll schedule your first workout session.

Your First Personal Training Session

Your first personal training session at Framework always includes basic movement patterns that are relevant to your fitness goals. These movements are based on orthopedic areas of concern, and your trainer will offer modifications if you need them. The goal with this part of your session is information, which we gather by using a variation on a three-tiered movement pattern – squat, lunge and push/pull. These are movement patterns that everyone needs just for day-to-day lifting. We also track flexibility and note muscular asymmetries to identify both short, tight muscles that will need to be stretched and long, weak muscles that will need to be strengthened. We’ll also work on additional exercises specific to your personal goals, and then we’ll make a plan for training going forward.

Personal training sessions at Framework combine flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance. Together, we’ll make a plan for homework stretching, mobilization, and exercises for a program that’s challenging but manageable. As we move forward, your program will be adjusted as needed to accommodate your developing, changing physique.

Every trainer is different, but at Framework Personal Training in Reno, our approach is designed to be thorough, thoughtful, and personal to you. If you’re ready to schedule your first personal training session, contact us today.

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