Why Are My Muscles Tight?

It’s not uncommon to experience muscle tightness in the day or two following a good workout. But even spending the day flopped on the sofa or at your desk can lead to tight muscles. So what’s going on? Here’s why your muscles are tight. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) The pain and stiffness you feel in […]


Got 15 Minutes? Here’s Why A Light Jog is Worth It.

Spending fifteen minutes scrolling though your phone and sipping a coffee may seem like a good way to take a break, but a recent study is proving otherwise. A quick, easy jog in that same timeframe will boost your energy levels far more effectively, with a few other happy benefits. Here’s why a light jog is worth […]

Five Tips to Stay Fit and Healthy this Holiday Season

We’re moving at breakneck speed to Christmas and the New Year, and the holiday season has likely been a whirlwind of overindulgence, minimal exercise, and not enough sleep. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that the holidays are a time of inevitable weight gain – it doesn’t have to be that way. Even if you […]


Is Walking Good Enough for Fitness?

There are benefits to walking, whether you shoot for 10,000 steps a day or not. Unfortunately, if that’s all you’re doing, you aren’t strengthening your muscles or bones. As you get older, the importance of that oversight will become clear. Walking is important, but it’s not enough. The Minimum Experts recommend at least two sessions […]


Do I Need to Exercise if I’m at my Ideal Weight?

For many people, exercise is about looking a certain way or reaching some desirable number on a scale. Of course, there’s so much more to fitness than a socially acceptable aesthetic or a number. It’s important to remember the many benefits of exercise beyond how you look or how much you weigh. The truth is, […]

Here’s What Not Exercising is Really Doing to Us

We all know that fitness is important. But how bad, really, are our sedentary lifestyles? The journal  JAMA Network published the findings of a recent study that tells us in no uncertain terms – and it isn’t pretty. According to the study, leading a sedentary lifestyle is probably worse for your health than a smoking habit and actually on par with having a serious […]

The Key to Managing Stress in 2019

Here’s a stark statistic – seven out of ten American adults admit to experiencing stress or anxiety every single day, and most of them think it interferes with their lives. But there is good news. While some degree of stress may be inevitable, it’s also manageable. And while there are many techniques for coping, it’s […]


5 Reasons Strength Training Should Be Everyone’s New Year’s Resolution

We’re into December now, and the New Year – and its resolutions – isn’t far off. Whether or not you’re the type to make “new year, new you” commitments of any kind, a strength-training related resolution is always a good idea. There are so many benefits to this form of exercise, and they aren’t limited […]


Three Signs You’re Ready for a Personal Trainer

Personal trainers used to be a celebrity thing, but those days are long over. Sure, celebrities still have personal trainers, but so do your neighbor, your nephew, and even your mom. So what do they all know that you don’t? Here are three signs that you’re ready for a personal trainer. You Aren’t Getting Results This […]


Here’s What Happens at Your First Personal Training Session

If you’ve signed up with a personal trainer, good for you! Now, you may be wondering what to expect at your first personal training session. While it will vary, depending on the trainer and the circumstances, it’s likely that your first meeting will involve a discussion of your health history and your goals, with all […]