4 Benefits of Strength Training If You’re Over 60

You know that exercise is important, but if you’re over age 60, your routine should absolutely involve strength training at least twice every week. Yes, that’s true even if you walk every day and even if you’ve never lifted weights. The certified personal trainers here at Framework Personal Training in Reno are outlining four benefits […]


Here’s Why Good Posture Becomes More Important With Age

The idea that we “shrink” as we age actually has some truth behind it. Around the half-century mark, spinal discs and vertebrae can begin breaking down and thinning. Meanwhile, cartilage and connective tissue begin losing elasticity and thickness. The combination gives the impression of lost inches, as many seniors begin finding it harder to stand fully upright. […]


Looking for Senior Fitness Training in Reno?

These days, it’s hard to overlook the benefits of resistance training for anyone, senior citizens included. Not only does it make us stronger and improve balance and flexibility, it can improve cognitive function and even extend our lifespan. The challenge is often knowing how to get started. That’s where a trainer from Framework Personal Training […]


This Kind of Exercise Could Improve Lifespan

Resistance or strength training has a laundry list of benefits, but two new benefits have recently been confirmed — along with how much time you need to spend exercising for the greatest health impact. New research confirms that strength training can help prevent disease and improve lifespan. Here’s what the research says and the best […]


Finding the Right Personal Trainer for Seniors in Reno

Senior citizens are increasingly managing their health with exercise, and in Reno, Framework Personal Training is helping. Our certified personal trainers offer strength training for seniors so they can enjoy the many benefits of consistent activity. Research is clear on the range of physical and mental health benefits of exercise, and for seniors in particular, the […]


Here’s Why Seniors Should Lift Weights

Lifting weights offers a number of benefits, and that’s true even (and especially) for people over the age of 65. But the perks aren’t limited to a stronger physique – the mental advantages of consistent weight training are equally important. Here’s why seniors should lift weights. Physical Benefits It’s a medical fact that muscle tone […]

Over 50 in Reno? Here’s Why It’s Time to Get a Personal Trainer

It’s no secret that as we age, our physical condition declines. That’s just part of the deal. But reduced balance, strength, endurance and coordination means a greater risk of increase of injury and less independence. And while we cannot stop the march of time, there is a way to stay healthy and strong. If you’re […]


The Value of Functional Training — At Any Age

Functional training describes a method of fitness that has a specific purpose. More specifically, when you perform a functional training workout, you follow movement patterns that mimic those from daily life or prepare you for competition in a particular sport. It’s a versatile approach to fitness, and there’s tremendous value in functional training — at […]


Framework Personal Training Reopens Friday, May 29

Great news! Framework Personal Training is re-opening to clients for personal training beginning this Friday, May 29. With the COVID-19 outbreak still present in our community, we want you to know that we’ll be following guidelines to ensure the health and safety of our clients and trainers. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding. Safety Protocols We intend […]


Does Your Personal Trainer Offer A Postural Analysis?

There are so many benefits to working with a personal trainer, and a postural analysis should be one of them. Unfortunately, not every personal trainer has the same experience, knowledge, and skill set, and not every trainer can offer a postural analysis. It’s a small test that reveals so much information to someone who understands […]