3 Hallmarks of a Great Personal Trainer

Between the big franchises and all of the specialty studios, Reno has a lot of places for fitness. But if you’ve bounced around from one kind of workout to the next, and you’ve never really seen the results you’re hoping for, hiring a personal trainer should be your next move. Be clear, however, that not all personal trainers are equal. Save yourself the frustration and expense of working with someone who doesn’t know what he or she is doing. Here are three hallmarks of a great personal trainer.

1. The Right Certifications

A certified personal trainer is exactly that – certified. Any personal trainer worth his or her salt should have no problem sharing specifics about education and training. A field-related degree – think nutrition, exercise science, physical education, or kinesiology – is always a bonus, while a nationally recognized certification like ACE, ACSM, NASM or COOPER tell you that you’re dealing with someone who is definitely qualified. Special certifications in pain-related care, clinical or special population are always a bonus.

The bottom line – your trainer didn’t earn his qualifications because he personally likes to work out and did a weekend course on a whim. Look for the trainers who have really invested time in becoming certified.

2. Action & Words

Does your personal trainer look and act like a healthy, fitness-oriented individual? It may seem shallow at first glance, but a trainer who embraces healthy, positive living only makes sense. They should embody health and fitness on a personal level, instead of simply preaching it. After all, no one can fake the benefits of consistent exercise and high quality nutrition for long. Pay attention to what a potential trainer says and does to parse how aligned their words and actions really are – it can be very informative about the experience you might expect.

3. Busy is Usually Good

Consider a potential trainer’s client load. Do they see clients back to back or do they have a handful of regulars? While one isn’t always better than the other, it’s also true that successful personal trainers are usually in demand.

Above all, find someone with a personality that suits you. Some people respond well to a drill sergeant approach, while others find that high energy, enthusiastic instruction is really motivating. Think about what appeals to you, and look for that as you research personal trainers.

If you’re looking for effective, proven personal training here in Reno, we invite you to visit Framework Personal Training. Our trainers are highly qualified, and our studio on Lakeside Drive is private and well-stocked with all of the gear you need to make lasting changes. Contact us today, and let us show you what great personal training really looks like.

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