Three Benefits to Training in a Private Gym

Framework Personal Training is a private, by-appointment personal training studio on Lakeside Drive here in Reno. Unlike many of the other fitness facilities in town, it’s not open to general membership but rather designed for those receiving training with our certified personal trainers. This kind of arrangement works well for so many reasons. Here are three benefits to training in a private gym like Framework.

Shared Commitment

In the event that your session overlaps with that of another trainer and client, you’ll be sharing the space with like-minded individuals. When people pay a personal trainer, they tend to want to get the most bang for their buck. Unlike a public gym, where people may wander around aimlessly, spend 40 minutes on the treadmill, or hog three pieces of equipment with their circuit sets, the goal in a private gym setting is an efficient, effective workout – every time.

Better Workouts

One of the perks of working with a personal trainer is a customized fitness plan that factors for your goals. Your trainer will keep you on task, moving from exercise to exercise, and pushing you in a manner that challenges you without putting you at risk. You’ll also learn proper technique, further reducing your chances of injury.

A More Personal Experience

Training in a private setting facilities familiarity, making it easy to build a good rapport and camaraderie with both your trainer and anyone else who happens to be training at the same time. These kinds of supportive bonds reinforce accountability, which is so important for making progress toward your fitness goals. Plus, the smaller setting means workouts are often more tranquil – no loud grunting from the guy in the corner struggling to lift more weight than he should!

The private, by-appointment gym, like Framework Personal Training in Reno, strikes the perfect balance. It offers a cozy social environment while still promoting hard work. If you’re ready to learn more, contact us today for a tour and a private consultation.

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