Three Qualities Seniors Need in a Personal Trainer

We’re clear on the impact of inactivity, or when daily movement is just enough to satisfy the basic needs of getting through the day. The consequences are serious, with a greater likelihood of major health issues and injuries that stem from poor balance and coordination, low muscle tone, and inflexibility. Consistent exercise is the key to […]


Here’s How You Know a Personal Trainer is a Good Idea

Whether you’re currently working out or would like to get started, you might have considered a personal trainer. And if you haven’t already found one, it’s probably because you’re wondering whether it’s really worth the investment. Here’s how you know a personal trainer, like the professionals at Framework Personal Training in Reno, is a good idea. You Don’t […]

Three Benefits of Finding a Personal Trainer Who Specializes in Senior Fitness

Staying strong and active as we age means taking a proactive role in our own health. Losing strength, flexibility, balance and coordination doesn’t have to be inevitable. With consistent exercise, we can stay healthy, active and independent as we get older. One of the ways to get the exercise we need is by finding a personal […]


Here’s Why Home Fitness Can’t Replace Your Personal Trainer

There’s nothing like a pandemic to put something like fitness into perspective. Surveys from last year suggested only 30% of people would plan to return to the gym after lockdown restrictions lifted. And while there are benefits to working out at home, the truth is that home fitness can’t replace your personal trainer. Here’s why. Personal […]


Five Signs a Personal Trainer is a Good Fit

The world is full of amazing personal trainers, and we have our fair share right here in Reno, Nevada. But the challenge isn’t finding just any old trainer – it’s finding one who will suit your needs. That’s not always easy to determine when you’re reading a trainer bio, which is why it’s so important […]

Here’s Why Everyone Should be Stretching Regularly

We spend a lot of time discussing the benefits of physical fitness for our health, and stretching is part of it. It’s about more than flexibility. Consistent stretching can help improve posture, reduce stress and body aches, increase range of motion, and much more. Here’s why everyone should be stretching regularly. Eight Benefits of Stretching Maintains […]


How Much Exercise Does a Senior Need to Stay Healthy?

Framework Personal Training, a private gym on Lakeside Drive in Reno, understands the many benefits of fitness, particularly for older adults. In fact, we specialize in senior fitness, which means we create personalized workout programs designed to improve our clients’ health while accommodating for any existing conditions or limitations. A common question relates to frequency – how much […]


Six Steps for Getting Back to the Gym After COVID-19 Closures

Framework Personal Training, like other Reno gyms and fitness centers, got the green light to open its doors late last week. And while we couldn’t be more excited to welcome our clients back to the gym — with new safety protocols in safe, of course — it’s worth easing in slowly. There are the pandemic […]


Exercising Safely Outside During Self Quarantine

We’ve had typical spring weather here in northern Nevada, but it’s finally warming up enough to enjoy the outdoors. With gyms still closed under Governor Sisolak’s directive, and self quarantining remaining the new normal, getting outside is a good way to get some exercise and change up your surroundings. Just make sure you’re exercising safely […]

The Importance of Exercise During Self-Isolation

With much of the United States currently self-isolating to flatten the curve and limit the spread of Covid-19, we’re all adjusting a a new normal. If making time for fitness was an issue, that’s probably no longer the case. Instead, it’s figuring out how to summon the motivation to make a plan for a home-based workout – […]