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The Framework Personal Training Difference

From the big franchises to the boutiques, there are many, many gyms and training studios in Reno – and they all have some kind of angle. It can make standing out difficult, but we’ve found that simply keeping our heads down and letting our results speak for themselves seems to do the trick. It’s the Framework Personal Training difference, and it’s why we’ve been around for 18 years.

In 1998, Paul Fischer wanted a different platform to train his clients, one that would grant him the ability to work and to take care of people without the limitations that come from a corporate environment. His professional background and years of experience gave him a unique perspective, and opening Framework Personal Training offered him the freedom to do what he does best – with no corporate agenda.

Fast forward 18 years, and Framework Personal Training is still a private gym here in Reno, doing what it’s done since the beginning. With a small team of highly qualified trainers, Paul continues to work with clients experiencing all sorts of orthopedic situations in the most competent and effective manner possible.

Personal training is a booming industry, and we’ve written extensively about how to find a good trainer, signs of a successful trainer, and the single most useful characterization of personal trainers. Just because someone works in a gym doesn’t make them uniquely qualified to help you reach your goals or to understand things like functional anatomy. Choosing a personal trainer shouldn’t be taken lightly, and if you, like many, have physical limitations, old injuries, or specific goals, you have even more reason to research your options carefully.

Our new client consultations are complimentary. It’s an opportunity for client and trainer to meet, ask questions, and share information. If you’re considering the value of a personal trainer, take advantage of our experience and see if the Framework Personal Training difference works for you. Contact us today, and let’s schedule a time to to meet.

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