The Best Personal Trainer is a Tool, Not a Crutch. Here’s Why.

Have you ever considered hiring a personal trainer because you’re certain you need someone to “make” you work out? Because you know that left to your own devices, you won’t work as hard, or even at all? While accountability can be a valuable tool, that’s the same perception you should have about your personal trainer. The best personal trainer is a tool – not a crutch.

We are fortunate to have assistance in certain areas in life, but self-sufficiency is always a worthy goal. When it comes to workout out, we must be wary of handing over the responsibility of our fitness to another.

Why? The idea that you need a trainer standing over you screaming at you to “make” you perform certain tasks just doesn’t work for long-term success. And why would it?

The more we can cultivate a sincere interest in something, the greater the chances are for enjoyment and success.

By taking on responsibility for our health, we get back what we put in. We understand why it is we perform the exercises we do – it’s not just a “cool” exercise. We can acknowledge the fact that certain exercises can be bad for us, as they may not match up with what is going on with our bodies. We can develop real questions in regard to ourselves, and we can appreciate the journey of our fitness progression.

Enjoy the process with your trainer, and understand that very little can ultimately be accomplished without your participation. That way, should there be a change in your training situation, you will have confidence that you are in good hands. You will be in charge of your own health and fitness. You will have the time the make appropriate choices as to what will be your next progression with your health.

If you’re ready to work with a personal trainer who will be your advocate and guide – not just your drill sergeant – we welcome the opportunity to answer your questions. Framework Personal Training is a private studio with highly qualified, experienced personal trainers, and we can help you make positive changes in the most functional, effective ways possible.

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