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Over 50 in Reno? Here’s Why It’s Time to Get a Personal Trainer

It’s no secret that as we age, our physical condition declines. That’s just part of the deal. But reduced balance, strength, endurance and coordination means a greater risk of increase of injury and less independence. And while we cannot stop the march of time, there is a way to stay healthy and strong. If you’re over 50 in Reno, here’s why it’s time to get a personal trainer.

Undeniable Benefits

The research is clear – resistance training in particular for people over age 50 has enormous benefits. Often, the hardest part is knowing how and where to begin. If you’ve never lifted weights before, or it’s not something you’ve done for decades, a personal trainer can be a valuable tool. Certified personal trainers who specialize in senior fitness, like those here at Framework Personal Training in Reno, will work with you to set realistic goals and create a personalized plan to move you safely and efficiently toward them. You can be sure you’re exercising appropriately, using equipment safely, and completing exercises with the right form.

The Right Motivation

Motivation may be one of the most important elements of personal training for everyone, but that’s particularly true for seniors who are getting into fitness for the first time. It’s far too easy to decide you’re just “too old,” and to be discouraged by the realities of declining abilities. A trainer who works with seniors can be the perfect motivator. And the benefits of fitness aren’t just physical. Discovering that you really can work out and complete exercises and see progress is wonderful for personal self esteem and confidence.

It’s Not Too Late to Get Started

Don’t assume that you’ve passed some finite age and enjoying the benefits of consistent exercise is no longer an option for you. Start exercising properly, with a certified personal trainer to guide you, and in short order, you’ll start noticing the benefits. From reduced back pain and lessened symptoms of certain chronic diseases, increased bone density and bone mass to improved functional strength, balance, and flexibility, there is a long, long list of reasons to start training now. Make a positive change for your health today, and contact Framework Personal Training in Reno.

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