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The Best Personal Training for Seniors in Reno – A Framework Personal Training Review

As we age, strength and balance begin to decline. That was the case for Jo Anne Saunders, a personal training client here at Framework Personal Training in Reno. Since beginning her sessions with owner Paul Fischer in mid June of this year, Jo Anne is already noticing health improvements above and beyond her initial goals of better balance and improved core strength. We asked Jo Anne to share her thoughts on Paul, the Framework facility, and her experience as a personal training client.

Starting as a Senior

Jo Anne will be 67 in September, and it was her oldest son who recommended a personal trainer for her balance and strength. After looking online, she learned that Framework specializes in senior fitness. A phone call and consultation later, and Jo Anne was officially ready to train.

“Within a couple of weeks of twice weekly training, I did realize I was gaining strength and my balance improving,” says Jo Anne. “I especially became aware of my health improvements while walking my neighbor’s dog every morning. We live in a hilly development and there was one hill that used to get me really huffing and puffing, but now I don’t feel that weakness and can easily take deeper breaths.”

Jo Anne says she initially found the private Framework studio on the small side, but “quickly discovered this is not a standard gym lined with people doing their own workouts. It’s designed for two or three trainers working one on one with their clients. The atmosphere is conducive to reaching your goals.”

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It’s a rare person who approaches fitness without the need for some accommodations. From old injuries to pre-existing conditions, it’s important to factor for all of the things that make us different. Jo Anne is no exception. Her physical issues “include having arthroscopic surgery on my right knee, breast cancer in both breasts along with the removal of all the lymph nodes under my right arm, resulting in lymphedema in the right arm, and tendonitis in the right shoulder, no doubt brought on by nine years of the extra weight my right arm has been carrying from the lymphedema.”

The right personal trainer can manage issues like these so that the client can move safely toward individual fitness goals. And that’s just what Paul is doing.

“Paul has been very attentive to my limitations in these three areas,” explains Jo Anne. “He is always checking to see if I have or had pain resulting from any workouts. An unexpected discovery from working with Paul is how my chest muscles and tissues had become so tight over the years from all my breast surgeries. As we began working the upper body, I felt these muscles and tissues loosening up. Another unexpected blessing from my training with Paul is that my usual ‘normal’ blood pressure has dropped to 106/62, and I managed to reduce my lymphatic arm measurements by half an inch each on the forearm and upper arm, which never happens unless I have my arm specially bandaged by a lymphedema therapist. I have never been able to reduce my arm measurements that much on my own. That means the exercises Paul works with me on is moving the lymphatic fluid efficiently from the right arm.”

A Personal Recommendation

Jo Anne understands the importance of maintaining and building balance and strength as we age through safe, appropriate fitness. “If you feel your balance is not what it should be, it is imperative to get stronger and work on your balance,” she says. “Unfortunately, most women I know of my age or older are also widows, living by themselves. Falls are dangerous. I’ve watched my 88-year-old neighbor gain strength and balance since she took a couple of falls inside her home, being all alone, resulting in a hospital stay and rehab. Her doctor required she go to a personal trainer, and it is a joy to watch her physically improve.”

For those of you living in Reno or Sparks and noticing a lack of strength or balance, it’s not too late. “I would highly recommend Paul and Framework to anyone, especially elderly women like myself,” says Jo Anne. “Paul is soft spoken, encouraging, funny when I complain about my nemesis exercises, and most importantly, respectful.”

Another perk? “The cost for my personal training sessions is very reasonable,” says Jo Anne. “I was pleasantly surprised.”

Jo Anne, thank you for sharing your thoughts. Keep up the great work!

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