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Here’s Why You Need a Postural Analysis

Pop quiz – what’s the critical first step that most people skip completely before beginning a new exercise program? It’s called a postural analysis. Here’s why you need one.

In a nutshell, a postural analysis is a comprehensive physical analysis that reveals how your muscles and joints work together and identifies imbalances. With this information, an experienced personal trainer can tailor the most appropriate, effective exercises and stretches to help you re-align and move you closer to your health goals.

Leaping into any kind of exercise program without this information can be troublesome. If you’re performing advanced exercises in your boot camp class, and you’re just winging it on technique, you’re setting yourself up for problems. Likewise, rotating through the machines at the gym on your own and mindlessly compensating for postural problems is doing you no favors. Your body remembers good form – and it remembers bad form, too. Performing rep after rep with sloppy technique will aggravate posture problems and can result in chronic pain and possibly an injury.

When you work with a certified personal trainer, a postural analysis should be part of the experience – and it should happen early. We offer a postural analysis to every client at Framework Personal Training in Reno, and we find it to be a quick, effective way to quickly identify areas of weakness. With the results, we’re able to build personalized training programs that will correct postural problems while moving our clients toward their individual goals.

We’ve written about the personal trainer as a tool, not a crutch, so consider a postural analysis just another tool. Specific information about tight, inhibited or weak muscle groups is invaluable information, and we’re able to do a lot with it. Find out how a postural analysis can benefit you today.

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