Three Reasons the Right Personal Trainer is Worth the Investment

It wasn’t so long ago that personal trainers were something reserved for celebrities and professional athletes. Today, fitness centers and gyms the world over have personal trainers on the payroll, which brings its own can of worms. But when you find the right personal trainer, someone who offers exactly the mix of professional support, guidance and motivation that you respond to most effectively, it’s absolutely worth the investment. Here are three reasons why.

Focus on the End Goal

While you may have a vague idea of the reason you’re working so hard – fitting into a certain pair of jeans, maybe, or getting “healthier” – the right personal trainer will help you create realistic and specific goals. But that’s just the beginning. Once you’ve established those goals, your trainer will create health, lifestyle and fitness plans that will move you safely and efficiently to your goals.

Pay close attention to your first meeting with a trainer. You should expect strength and flexibility assessments, as well as lots of questions. Your trainer should also do lots of careful listening to your replies. All of this is necessary for your trainer to devise a program that’s specific and unique to your needs and goals, while factoring for any limitations. Things like old injuries, injury prevention, rehabilitation and nutrition should also come up.

Evolving Your Fitness

As you change and adapt and grow within this customized fitness program, so should the program itself. There are a few benefits to this kind of evolution. First, it’s a sign that you’re making progress, which can be motivating. Changing up your routine challenges your body in new ways, and it’s something new and fresh for you mentally as well.

Instead of repeating the same dull exercise routine, the same sets and the same weights, or the same circuit, day in and day out, a good trainer can help you safely and effectively switch things up.

Better than a Training Partner

A personal trainer has all the benefits of a really great training partner – and then some. You’ll get the accountability that comes from someone expecting you to show up for workouts, but also their professional expertise and knowledge. You’ll get the motivation that comes from training with someone, with the added benefit of a shared end goal – your success.

When is a Personal Trainer Worth the Money?

A personal trainer is worth the investment you put in – both in time and in money – when his focus, experience and direction pay off. You’ll know when that’s happened, and it’s a personal realization. Maybe you slide right into those jeans, or you up your weights, or that low back pain you’ve dealt with for years suddenly eases.

In most cases, this realization comes faster than you’d think. Amazing progress can be made when you combine proper nutrition and effective, consistent movement – and a personal trainer will help. If you’ve been considering hiring a personal trainer, we’re happy to get you started.

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