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Three Advantages of Personal Training in a Private Studio

Once you’ve decided to commit to fitness, your next decision is figuring out where and how you want to train. Are you planning to join a running group? Get a gym membership? What about signing up for group fitness classes? There are lots of gyms and boutique fitness studios in Reno, but have you considered training in a private setting? Framework Personal Training is a private, by-appointment personal training studio on Lakeside Drive here in Reno. That means thatĀ unlike many of the other fitness facilities in town, itā€™s not open to general membership. Instead, it’s designed for people who are workingĀ with our certified personal trainers – and there benefitsĀ to an arraignment like that.Ā Here are three advantagesĀ of personalĀ training in a private studio.

Privacy & Commitment

It’s normal to feel a little intimidated when you start working out. If the idea of having an audience of strangers in a regular gym setting or group class is a turn-off, a private setting may be ideal for you. In this kind of environment, you’ll work one-on-one with just your personal trainer. And if your session does happen to overlap slightly with that of another trainer and client, you’ll be sharing space with someone who shares similar goals. Paying a personal trainer for fitness is usually the hallmark of someone who wants results and doesn’t consider the gym a social event.

More Efficient Workouts

One of the perks of working with a personal trainer is a customized fitnessĀ plan that addresses your current abilities and your fitness goals. That means yourĀ trainer will keep you focused on the task at hand. You can expect to moveĀ efficiently from exercise to exercise in a way that’s safe and effective.Ā Youā€™ll also learn proper technique.

Improved Accountability

Training in a private setting makesĀ it easy to build a good rapport and camaraderie with your trainer. A relationship like that facilitiesĀ accountability, which is criticalĀ for steady progressĀ toward thoseĀ fitness goals.Ā The smaller setting of our private gym also means workouts are more tranquil. You’ll work hard, but you won’t be distracted in the same way by people grunting in the corner.

AĀ private, by-appointment gym like Framework Personal Training in Reno has its advantages. Our clients enjoyĀ a cozy social environment while still promoting hard work and, more importantly, real results. If youā€™re ready to learn more about private gyms, contact usĀ today for a tour and a private consultation.

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