Three Qualities Seniors Need in a Personal Trainer

We’re clear on the impact of inactivity, or when daily movement is just enough to satisfy the basic needs of getting through the day. The consequences are serious, with a greater likelihood of major health issues and injuries that stem from poor balance and coordination, low muscle tone, and inflexibility. Consistent exercise is the key to staying strong as you age, and it’s never too late to start. For seniors who are ready to start benefiting from fitness, here are three qualities to look for in a personal trainer.

Credentials & Experience

These days, it’s not difficult to become a certified personal trainer. But certification alone doesn’t necessarily mean much. For seniors who may have special health or physical considerations that must be safely accommodated, finding a personal trainer means finding a trainer with the right credentials and experience. The best way to do that is to ask! Has the trainer worked with seniors before? How many of their current client roster is over the age of 50? How does the trainer tailor fitness programs for seniors? Can the trainer provide references so you can get another perspective? It’s important to be direct so that you can be sure that any trainer you’re considering really knows what they’re doing.


Different trainers have a different approach to fitness, and finding someone whose approach aligns with yours is important. If a potential trainer seems overly pushy or aggressive, consider it a warning sign. Remember that a trainer’s job is to help clients become healthier and fitter, and that means building a dynamic and environment that fosters this sort of growth. If a prospective trainer seems to be focused on taking on as many clients as possible, no matter what, keep looking.


All personal trainers have their own strengths and weaknesses, and not every trainer is right for every client. That’s okay! If it doesn’t seem that a trainer’s strengths are a good match for your goals and needs, ask for a referral to someone else. A good trainer should have no problem recommending someone who’s a better fit for you.

A certified personal trainer who specializes in senior training is an excellent resource for older adults who need to start exercising for better health. In Reno, you’ll find this kind of expertise with the trainers here at Framework Personal Trainer. We specialize in fitness over 4o, and we’re proud to train a number of seniors. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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