The Best Exercises for Seniors

It’s well established that fitness is important for us, regardless of age. But evidence is increasingly pointing to the importance of regular exercise for seniors. If you’re wondering how to get started, we’re sharing the health benefits of exercise and the best exercises for seniors.

Health Benefits of Exercise for Seniors

While appearance can be a big motivator for younger people, the benefits of exercise for older adults often have a different incentive. Staying strong, active, flexible and independent can help seniors live longer, more enjoyable lives.

  • Greater independence. Regular exercise can help older adults continue to perform daily activities by themselves, like walking, bathing, cooking, eating, dressing, and using the bathroom.
  • Improved balance. Statistics show that regular exercise can reduce instances of falling by 23%, and falls are among the most common reasons for admittance into seniors facilities.
  • More energy. Exercise is associated with better sleep, lowered stress levels, and an overall sense of more liveliness and energy.
  • Reduced instances of disease. Older adults are at risk of a number of diseases, including heart disease, osteoporosis, depression and diabetes. Exercise can help prevent these diseases and reduce their symptoms if you do get them.
  • Improved brain function. Studies have linked exercise to better brain health and a lowered risk of developing Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Best Exercises for Seniors

Getting started with exercise can be as simple as taking a daily walk. But exercise is cumulative, and the more you do, the more benefits you reap. The hard part can be getting started. Fortunately, you have options. Water aerobics can be a gentle introduction to movement, and so can chair yoga classes. In Reno, the certified personal trainers at Framework Personal Training specialize in fitness over 40, with customized strength training programs that will accommodate your current fitness level and limitations. Strength training can help alleviate symptoms of diabetes, back pain, depression, and osteoporosis, while also helping to control weight. It’s an effective way to manage glucose control and boost metabolism while also improving flexibility and balance.

Learn more about what exercise can do for you. Contact the team at Framework Personal Training in Reno today.

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