10 Reasons Seniors Should Gift Themselves a Personal Trainer

It’s the season of giving, but don’t put yourself last. You can’t pour from an empty cup, or so the saying goes, and at Framework Personal Training, we agree. Prioritizing your own mental and physical health isn’t selfish or silly, and we all benefit from consistent, mindful movement, particularly as we age. If you’re making […]


The 4 Types of Fitness Seniors Need

It’s pretty typical for people to focus entirely on a single form of fitness, like 10,000 steps a day. But there are actually four types of exercise, and it’s important to prioritize all of them for the most balanced approach to fitness. Not only do they offer their own unique benefits, they also improve your ability […]


Grip Strength is a Key Health Indicator — Here’s Why

One of the best ways to assess your muscle strength, overall fitness, and general longevity is easier than you’d think. It’s not how much you can weight you can bench or squat. Turns out, grip strength is a key health indicator. Here’s why. Grip Strength as a Health Indicator The stronger your grip, the stronger your muscles. […]


Why Seniors Should Lift Weights — And Where to Start in Reno

If you’ve never lifted weights before, the idea of getting started in your golden years may seem laughable. Your hips are bad, you don’t know where to begin, what about your back? Those are all valid concerns, and yet the American College of Sports Medicine recommends weight lifting for seniors over the age of 50, noting that […]


Balance as an Indication of Overall Health

Can you balance on one leg for 10 seconds? It might be important. A new study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine is highlighting balance as an indication of overall health, and you might be surprised at the findings. Read on for specifics, plus tips from the certified personal trainers at Framework Personal Training […]


The Best Kind of Personal Training for Seniors in Reno

It’s true that even half an hour of moderate activity, like a brisk walk, has health benefits for seniors. But strength training is a better choice if the goal is maintaining or improving strength and mobility. For many older adults, the idea of strength training is somewhat intimidating. Where do they even begin? In that scenario, the […]


Finding a Personal Trainer in Reno for Seniors

More and more seniors here in Reno and across the country are actively managing their health with regular exercise. Here at Framework Personal Training in Reno, we’re helping a number of seniors enjoy all the benefits that come with strength training specifically. If you’re looking for a personal trainer in Reno, we have a few […]


Why Exercise Begets Exercise, And Why It Matters As We Age

Research is clear on the benefits of weight training and aging well. Not only does it help us gain muscle mass and strength, improve mobility, sharpen us mentally, and improve metabolic health, it can help shape our minds, too. An interesting study out of Finland found that a big percentage of older adults who have […]


Finding the Right Personal Trainer for Seniors in Reno

Senior citizens are increasingly managing their health with exercise, and in Reno, Framework Personal Training is helping. Our certified personal trainers offer strength training for seniors so they can enjoy the many benefits of consistent activity. Research is clear on the range of physical and mental health benefits of exercise, and for seniors in particular, the […]


Why Seniors Over 65 Should be Lifting Weights

The idea of your grandparents lifting weights may be humorous, but the benefits can’t be denied. Resistance training is important at any age, but particularly so for seniors. In fact, seniors over the age of 65 should be lifting weights to benefit both their body and mind. Here’s why. Lifting Weights to Benefit the Body […]