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6 Benefits You’ll Only Enjoy When You Have a Personal Trainer

It’s an age-old question – do I really need a personal trainer? That depends on you and your goals, of course, but no one can deny that hiring the right personal trainer is a recipe for success – and that’s not all. Here are six benefits you’ll only enjoy when you have a personal trainer.

You’ll Learn a Ton

Not everyone understands the ins and outs of fitness. But certified personal trainers went to school to learn exactly that – and more. So don’t get derailed before you even begin. If you aren’t sure how to use any of that fancy gym equipment, and you don’t know anything about proper form or technique, not only are you just spinning your wheels, but you could hurt yourself on top of wasting time. Every year, far too many people are really hurt by trying to exercise, simply because they have no idea how to perform the movements safely. When you work with a personal trainer, you’ll learn all about proper form and you’ll be far more efficient.

You’ll Avoid Bad Habits

By learning proper form right from the start, you’ll avoid bad habits when you exercise. That’s a win-win scenario – performing exercises correctly and efficiently, all while avoiding an increased risk of injury and incorrect movements.

You’ll Have a Plan Built Just for You

They’re called personal trainers for a reason. Everyone is different, and we all begin with varying abilities and limitations. Your personal trainer will factor for all the things that make you who you are – old injuries, weak knees, a hatred of squats, whatever – and design a plan to accommodate them all.

You’ll be Steered toward Realistic Goals

Losing twenty pounds is admirable, but losing it in two months is a recipe for disaster. Your personal trainer can help steer you toward realistic goals – the kind that you’ll truly be able to not only achieve, but sustain. And, they’ll keep you on track with the right intensity, frequency, nutrition guidelines and the right mix of exercises and cardio.

You’ll be Held Accountable

Hiring a personal trainer means an exchange of cash. But then again, so does a gym membership. When you have a personal trainer, however, you’re in regular contact to schedule workouts. And that means you’re prioritizing these sessions, so that you’re far more likely to show up for them. No more hitting snooze and missing that early morning workout, and no more hitting the drive-thru after another long day at work – your trainer is waiting!

You’ll Stop Wasting Time

Understanding which exercises, in which order, you plan to complete for today’s workout ensures that you maximize efficiency – and save time. Avoid wandering aimlessly around the gym, checking your phone for ideas, and get down to business. Working with a personal trainer does just that. You’ll stay on task and focused, and that’s a much better way to achieve your fitness goals.

If 2018 is the year you make a change, start with a personal trainer. Here at Framework Personal Training in Reno, we work with a variety of clients, and we can work with you, too. Start with a consultation, and see exactly how a personal trainer will help you reach those fitness goals.

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