Here’s Why Everyone Should be Stretching Regularly

We spend a lot of time discussing the benefits of physical fitness for our health, and stretching is part of it. It’s about more than flexibility. Consistent stretching can help improve posture, reduce stress and body aches, increase range of motion, and much more. Here’s why everyone should be stretching regularly.

Eight Benefits of Stretching

  • Maintains and improves flexibility:  As we age, mobility can decrease. Regular stretching can help us stay limber and makes everyday activities easier.
  • Improved range of motion:  Freedom of movement is important, and if we aren’t using it, we’ll lose it. A stretching routine that puts our bodies through a series of stretches is a good way to maintain a full range of motion.
  • Properly prepares us for movement:  Stretching is part of an effective warm-up before exercise or sports, and it may even improve your performance.
  • Improved circulation:  It’s possible that regular stretching can improve blood flow, shortening recovery times after fitness.
  • Better posture:  Stretching can help put the body into alignment and serves as a good reminder to sit and stand up straight.
  • Reduces back pain:  Tight muscles can lead to strained muscles, especially in the back. Stretching can help alleviate tightness, reducing the chances of strain and improving back pain.
  • Busts stress:  Tense muscles are a symptom of physical, environmental, and emotional stress, and stretching can help alleviate tension.
  • Improves mindfulness:  Mindful stretching is mentally calming, giving you a chance to focus and reflect.

Stretching for Seniors

Older adults can enjoy these benefits of stretching, which offers additional advantages. Stretching can help manage arthritis, reduce the risk of falls, and boost energy levels. But if you’re new to stretching, it’s important that you do it safely and properly. It’s a form of physical activity, and your body needs time to get used to the movements. The emphasis should be on form and technique. Here at Framework Personal Training, we can walk you appropriate stretching that will help you reap its benefits. Contact us today to learn more.

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