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Looking for a Personal Trainer? Avoid These 3 Mistakes

Every January, people tend to be full of good intentions about improving their health and fitness. Gym memberships are up (at least short term), and people are asking friends and family for personal trainer referrals. But before you decide to just go with your best friend’s brother’s girlfriend’s trainer because he’s taking new clients, take some time to really consider what you need in a personal trainer so that you can avoid these three mistakes.

Choosing a Trainer at Random

Sure, your best friend’s brother’s girlfriend may look fit, but that doesn’t mean her personal trainer is right for you. Just because a trainer specializes in one area of fitness doesn’t mean they’re experts across the board. Think about your personal reasons for hiring a trainer. Do you want to start powerlifting? Are you just hoping to commit to three workouts a week so you can improve your overall health and fitness? Do you want to run a 5k or get stronger? Once you start defining your motivations, it’s easier to start narrowing your search so you can zero in on a trainer who will meet your needs.

This is especially important if you’re starting or getting back to the gym after age 40. The trainer who tries to be everything to everyone may not be capable of creating a program that works with your body as it is while also taking it where you want to go. Things change as we age, and it takes experience and knowledge to safely and effectively train as we grow older.

Asking No Questions

You’re hiring a trainer for his or her experience and expertise, with the assumption that they’ll both be applied to you so you can progress toward your goals. So ask about their experience and expertise! And don’t stop asking questions — asking “how” and “why” during your sessions will help you learn proper technique and give you an understanding of the reasoning behind that bonus set of squats.

Skipping the Consultation

You may be eager to dive right in, but it’s wise to schedule a consultation or trial session before moving forward. This is a chance for you to gauge your trainer’s personality, ask questions about his or her fitness philosophy, share your goals, ask questions about rates and policies, get a general feel for dynamics, and ask more questions about whatever comes to mind. Don’t skip it.

Getting Started

The best way to find the right personal trainer is by meeting a few. Here at Framework Personal Training, our certified trainers are happy to answer all of your questions about our approach to training, our rates, our private studio, and anything else you’d like to know. Contact us today, and let’s see if it’s a good fit.

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