Why Pretty Much Any Kind of Exercise is The Best Stress Reliever

For too many people, stress is a regular part of our lives, along with not enough sleep, poor nutrition, and inadequate exercise. But the latter three lifestyle habits actually contribute to stress levels. You may feel too tired, too busy, and too stressed out to find time for exercise, but doing so will help you manage and reduce your stress levels. The truth is that pretty much any kind of exercise is the best stress reliever. Here’s why, and how to take steps to make exercise a consistent and healthy part of your lifestyle.

You’re Not an Athlete? No Problem

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that you’re too old or out of shape for exercise, or that you won’t be able to do enough for effective stress relief. Nearly any kind of exercise — yoga, cardio, resistance training — will go a long way. Not only is consistent, intentional movement good for your health as a whole and your personal sense of well-being, exercise has specific stress-relieving benefits:

  • Endorphin boost — Endorphins are the feel-good hormone, and physical movement ramps up their production. That’s why a mid-day speed walk or light job is such a great idea.
  • Mental distraction — Focusing on the fitness of your choice, even for short periods of time, means you don’t have time to dwell on problems. Practicing this kind of mindfulness is a skill you can use in other parts of your life to help you stay energized and positive.
  • Mood enhancer — It can be difficult in the moment, but the sense of accomplishment and relaxation that comes after a good workout is a great mood booster. Regular activity will help improve your confidence and self esteem, and it can reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression. If you have sleep issues as a result of your stress levels, you may find that exercise helps you sleep much better.

Getting Started

Getting your doctor’s approval before starting any fitness program is an important first step. From there, you have options. For many who are new to fitness or returning after a long hiatus, an experienced, certified personal trainer is a very wise decision. Here at Framework Personal Training, we’ll work to create a personalized fitness plan that accounts for your current fitness level and your goals. You’ll enjoy the guidance and expertise of someone who is fully invested in your success, which means a minimized risk of injury and the most efficient way forward. Plus, you get the benefits of accountability. And since consistency is key, that’s a big benefit.

If 2020 is the year you finally get your stress levels under control, start now. Learn more about what you can expect at Framework Personal Training by contacting us today.

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