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Reno’s Personal Trainer for Seniors

Getting older isn’t for the weak. The myriad benefits of staying active, particularly with an appropriate mix of resistance exercises, cardiovascular movement and stretches, cannot be overstated. And it’s never too late to get started. But diving into a fitness program from ground zero isn’t the wisest approach. Framework Personal Training here in Reno specializes in fitness over 40. No matter where you are in your fitness journey or how old you are, Reno’s most experienced personal trainers for seniors can help you get started.

The Reality of Growing Older

There are a number of changes that accompany growing older. Shortly after age 50, we begin losing close to two percent of our muscle fibers annually. By age 80, muscle fibers have dropped significantly – down from 60,000 at the half-century mark to 320,000. From a strength and power perspective, decreased muscle fibers are a problem that contribute to frailty, which is itself associated with falls, disabilities, and even a shorter lifespan. Even worse, this age-related muscle loss, which is known as sarcopenia, is itself linked to higher instances of osteoarthritis, diabetes, stroke, hypertension, stroke, and general cognitive decline.

Exercises for muscle preservation are critical for helping you stay strong and functional. But personal training for seniors doesn’t equate to easier exercises and lighter weights. If you’re beginning a training program, you should be properly assessed for joint weaknesses, injuries, and any other limitations. Your trainer should account for these factors to design a personal fitness routine that will help you strengthen your joints and muscles while also improve balance, mobility, and flexibility.

Beyond Walking

It’s true that moderate walking thirty minutes per day offers health benefits. But these benefits are compounded by a more effective approach. Working with a personal trainer like those here at Framework Personal Training in Reno means a thoughtful approach to fitness that will challenge you without putting you at risk. Issues like arthritis and low back pain can be common among older clients, and our trainers will accommodate for these and other limitations to help you improve strength and performance.

Learn more about how our trainers can help you enjoy the benefits of fitness. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you notice positive changes. Contact us today to learn more.

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