Accountability and the Personal Trainer

What if we told you that there’s a simple way to reach your fitness goals faster? It’s not a shake or a pill, and it’s not a quick fix – but it is simple. The best way to reach your goal is with an accountability partner, and the best kind of accountability partner tends to be a personal trainer. Here’s why.

The Accountability Partner

While the personal trainers here at Framework Personal Trainers in Reno are all experienced and credentialed, all of their knowledge amounts to nothing if our clients don’t actually follow their fitness plans. There are no results with work, no matter how you look at it, and consistency is a critical component to success. Motivation on its own only gets you so far, because it will wane sooner or later.

If you’re the type of person who feels like a personal trainer is an unnecessary expense, that you’re fine working out on your own, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Am I making steady progress to my goals? How am I measuring that progress? Am I even measuring that progress?
  • What’s getting in the way of my success?
  • How often am I skipping workouts or “treating” myself when it comes to nutrition?

Very quickly, you’ll see whether an accountability partner – a personal trainer – will be an asset for you.

The Benefits of Partnering with a Trainer

Studies show that having a workout buddy, a training partner, an accountability partner or a personal trainer is the key to staying motivated and on track. And that’s when you start getting results.

The most common excuse people give when they quit a goal is the lack of consequence for that inaction. Put another way, we’re more inclined to give up when we have nothing invested. That’s why accountability – someone expecting you to show up, someone depending on you – plays such a big role in success. An actual investment pays off too, which is another reason to consider working with a personal trainer. Are you more likely to show up if your trainer is expecting you and you’ve already paid for the month? Understanding what motivates you personally, and then doing something about, may be the ticket to staying the course.

Asking for Help

Recognizing that you may be better off with someone to hold you accountable for reaching your fitness goals puts you in a good place. Your next step is determining whether you have someone in your life to fill that accountability partner role, or if you’re better off hiring one. If the latter sounds like your best bet, we’d love to help you out. Learn more about the trainers here at Framework, and feel free to drop in to our Lakeside Drive facility for a visit.

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